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PhotoMatte version 1.0.1

With PhotoMatte, a powerful layout and graphics editor, and your favorite photos, you can create stunning montages or collages. It needs only three simple steps:
- Pick a theme
- Drop in your photos
- Export! As you learn more about the app you can create themes.
- PhotoMatte is a new way to use photos and share them with others.
- PhotoMatte is much easier to use than PhotoShop.
- PhotoMatte is less expensive than PhotoShop.
- PhotoMatte goes far beyond the abilities of iPhoto and Aperture.
- PhotoMatte has templates that make creating professional collages child's play (fun).
- PhotoMatte is a new tool in every photographers toolbox.
- 48 templates.
- 39 backgrounds
- 171 objects (like sunglasses, baseballs, etc.) to enhance your own creations
- Over 25 frames to highlight your photos
- 17 powerful effects (from blur, over masks to gradient map)
- Multiple export and sharing options (OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion sharing: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, e-mail, desktop wallpaper, etc.)
- Localized for English, German and French From beginners to experts:
- All themes are professionally designed, ready to use
- An optional protected mode against accidental modifications
- Easily modify and enhance themes with pictures, texts, objects and effects
- If you feel extra creative, start from scratch using our Advanced Editing Mode
- PhotoMatte guides you from the first second
- Spoken Introduction
- Tutorials with Tips and Tricks
- Photo Suggestions
- Tooltips
- Guiding Hints while using Pro-Grade Quality:
- High-resolution backgrounds and objects even for high-res prints
- Pro outlined objects, with transparency
- High-res exports supported
- Layout in 3D with precise camera focal length
- Super fast layer based design
- Non-destructive editing
- See Effects applied in real time
- Custom masks and textures
- Replication of full effect stacks made easy
- Infinite effect stacking (multiple shadows, frames, etc.)
Plus we love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Try it; you'll like it.

El Captan s7Rb0-PhotoMatte-vers.1.0.3.zip [736985 KB]

New 10.11.5 1.3.1-PhotoMatte-sVNf3g.app [729465 KB]

Best to 10.11.6 PhotoMatte_2.0.1_Ll4TY.pkg [827228 KB]

10.11.4 H5jV1_PhotoMatte_ver._1.0.5.dmg [676823 KB]

Plum Amazing
Site: http://plumamazing.com/mac/photomatte

Updated 10.11.5 MTF_VERSION_1.3_TILT2JOYSTICK.DMG [8107 kbytes] 1.2

Recomended to 10.14.3 v-4.2-GlassFish-Server-x67p.pkg [110932 kbytes] 6.0

New MacBook Pro 2Z4.VER.. [14530 kbytes]

Recomended Mac ProEncryptor_v_1.7.11_Ax019.tar.gz [2792 kbytes] 1.10.7

[834748 kbytes] Download ZFKUWX PHOTOMATTE VER. 1.0.4 1.2.1 OS X

[804667 kbytes] TQVvDg version 1.3.1 PhotoMatte 1.0.2 to iMac

[624181 kbytes] v.2.0.1 PhotoMatte BLdV 1.3.1 Recomended! version

[894910 kbytes] Software xEOrGX PhotoMatte ver. 1.3.1 3.0.1 to Sierra

[819708 kbytes] YHI 1.0.2 PHOTOMATTE 3.0.1 High Sierra

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